Hear from our members

Air Canada is highly focused on its environmental performance and has committed to reduce its footprint further by setting a target of net zero emissions by 2050. Combatting global warming requires a global response, and we are pleased to be the first Canadian airline to join the Aviation Climate Taskforce. As a founding member, we will work with other global carriers and invest in emerging technologies to advance the decarbonization of our sector and build a long-term, sustainable aviation industry.

President and CEO | Air Canada

Dramatically reducing emissions is a critically important but also highly challenging task facing the aviation sector. At Cathay Pacific, we recognise the importance of working with different sectors to develop the kinds of radically new technologies that will be required to decarbonise airline operations and enable us to meet our net-zero carbon emissions goal. We are very pleased to join hands with a group of like-minded organisations as founding members of the Aviation Climate Taskforce to accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies and lead the way in this very important area.

CEO | Cathay Pacific Group

Earlier this month, the aviation industry announced a joint commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 through our global airline trade association IATA. To achieve this aggressive target, the aviation industry must work together to develop and enact a comprehensive and collaborative decarbonization approach. While a number of solutions have allowed us to take meaningful steps in reducing emissions to date, many emerging low-carbon technologies are still in early stages and require support to rapidly scale-up their development. We are excited to work with this impressive group of leading airlines to make a meaningful difference in charting the course towards truly sustainable travel.

CEO | JetBlue

We have a responsibility to do good by the environment, and at Southwest, we take our dedication to environmental stewardship seriously. We are honored to be a founding member of the Aviation Climate Taskforce and collaborate with this innovative group on ways we can decarbonize aviation and advance the critical science that will help improve the planet for generations to come.

Executive Vice President and incoming CEO | Southwest Airlines

We’re proud to be founding members of the Aviation Climate Taskforce. Working with industry partners to accelerate technological innovation and reduce carbon emissions over the next 30 years. We strongly echo the need for a portfolio approach and continued collaboration across the energy and aviation value chains. Through its focus on breakthrough technologies, the Aviation Climate Taskforce, will support near and medium-term innovation in emerging SAF pathways, as well as longer term breakthroughs such as electric and hydrogen flight.

CEO | Virgin Atlantic

Faced with the challenges of climate change, the aviation industry has a responsibility. We know that if nothing is done, air travel’s share of emissions will rise. While the Air France-KLM Group has been working for years to reduce its environmental footprint, we need to move faster and accelerate our sustainability transformation. We are convinced that we will only succeed with the commitment of all stakeholders from across the aviation value chain. We welcome ACT’s initiative which could be the way to accelerate breakthroughs in emerging technologies to decarbonize aviation.

CEO | Air France-KLM Group

Aviation has a critical role to play in decarbonizing the travel sector. To make that step change we need to speed the development and scaling up of breakthrough technologies to make aviation sustainable. I’m proud BCG is joining forces with this founding group of global aviation leaders to take on this challenge.


While Delta has been carbon neutral since March 2020, we know that in order to impact climate change we must reimagine aviation. By joining the Aviation Climate Taskforce, we hope to accelerate this next chapter by joining together with other likeminded businesses to drive forward innovative solutions for sustainable aviation.

CEO | Delta

Leading the way to make flying more sustainable has always been deep in our Lufthansa Group DNA. As part of the Aviation Climate Taskforce we will now join our forces in the aviation industry even more to drive the transformation. Only together we will achieve the next leap in innovation.

Chief Customer Officer | Lufthansa Group