Aviation Climate Taskforce

ACT’s Innovation Network will accelerate technological breakthroughs by focusing on early-stage research. ACT will use proven tools to map the vast amount of research across the ecosystem. With a clear view of the existing networks of innovations available, ACT will provide grant funding and host innovation challenges in order to stimulate new patterns of collaboration and research.

People & Expertise

  • Analyze and map research landscape to identify research hubs as well as key innovators at the periphery
  • Develop research roadmap to prioritize areas for research collaboration
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among academic, startup and corporate researchers via conferences, fireside chats, and newsletters
  • Consult, ideate, and collaborate with decarbonization efforts in other industries (e.g., shipping, utilities, automotive)


  • Fund research that requires collaboration between hubs & periphery, directing teams at prioritized research topics
  • Identify critical challenges and post to platforms (e.g. Innocentive) to crowdsource breakthroughs for small monetary awards

Tools & technology

  • Convene cross-disciplinary teams to workshop key challenges in technology pathways, and identify use cases for out-of-field technologies
  • Apply the power of advanced computational technologies (e.g., AI) to solve hard science challenges

The Myelin Repair example illustrates the tremendous potential of Innovation Networks:

Myelin Repair
Myelin Repair